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Houston Property Managment

"As the owner of a faily large multifamily apartment complex in Houston, I did A LOT of research to find the right property management company for me. I live in California, so being on site is impossible. I needed someone who I could trust hands down with my very large investment.

When Stress Free Property Solutions ( Texas Real Estate Agent ) took over in July of 2011, the aparment complex was loosing tenants and occupancy was starting to dwindle. The previous managment company ( who I fired ) were stealing and letting bills pile up. We were not in a good place financially. It was a HUGE mountain to overcome to get the property back turning a profit.

I'm excited to tell the world, the complex is currently at 95% occupied and turning a profit. The onsite management and back end accounting were a life saver for me. Without Stress Free Property Solutions it would have been hard to recover."

I owe my investment to the team at Stress Free Property Solutions ( Texas Real Estate Agent ) and look forward to a long standing relationship. Keep up the Amazing results.

Dr. Kuldeep S. - Corona, CA