owner faqs

For all owners who own a single family residence or multi family complex. Please see below for your FAQs

  • When are rental checks deposited?
    Checks are ditributed by the 15th of each month. We encourage each of our owners to have a bank account on file with us for direct deposit.
  • When do reports become available?
    Reports are available 24/7 and are in real time. You may access your account at any time with a simple user name and password. These reports are great to give to your accountant at the end of the year.
  • Are background checks performed on prospective tenants?
    Yes, we use a company called NTN ( National Tenant Network ). This will show us the major areas of the prospects background which include a criminal report.
  • How quick do you respond to repair requests?
    Repair requests are submitted online by the tenant and show up in our system in real time. In most cases, we have our maintenance staff dispatched within 48 hours of the problem.
  • Will you call me to tell me there is any issue with my property?
    Absolutely. Most of our owners have a $250.00 repair deposit in their account. If the repair exceeds this amount, we'll call you for approval or work to be done. If you would like to be called for ANY issue with the property, we can also set your account up as requested.
  • What happens if my tenant doesn't pay?
    If your tenant doesn't pay, we'll send out a 3 day notice on the 4th of each month. If they haven't paid by the 10th, we will contact you and file the eviction.
  • Do I have to evict my tenant?
    No. The choice is yours. We will encourage you to follow process as these issues tend to drag on. Before you know it, you're 3 months down the road and the tenant is still in the property not paying rent.
  • Can you help get my house back in rentable condition?
    Yes. Here at stress free property solutions, we have a full team dedicated to turning over houses in the most cost effective way. In most cases we can get your house back up within 7 days of it going vacant.

tenant faqs

  • What if I forgot my account login username or password? Please send email, call or send a contact request form and your username and password will be sent to you

    Can I make a partial payment on my account? Only full payments are accepted through the online system

    Why do I need an online account? You will be able to view your account at any time. You can also make payments through your online account. Payments post in real-time to your account. You can make payment with your checking account, savings account, debit card or credit card.

    Does it cost anything to make an online payment on my account? If using debit card or credit card, there is an additional 3% infrastructure fee that will be added. If using your personal checking, business checking or savings account, so there is no fee.

    Can I drop off a payment? Unfortunately, we do not accept drop off payments. We offer a fast and secure online payment system that benificial for everyone.

    Can I pay with cash? We recommend always getting a money order or certified check that can be traced and cancelled if necessary.

    What if my lease is ending? You have the option to extend your lease or provide the appropriate notice to move-out. If you are interested in renewing or extending your lease, please contact us. If you are planning to move, you will need to provide notice as specified in your signed lease.

    How do I find my water company? If in Harris County, you can contact Public Health & Environmental Services at 713-439-6260 or follow this link: http://www.hcphes.org/eph/new_page_9.htm

    How do I find my HOA to find out about use of the public pool or trash pickup? The easiest way is to ask your neighbors. However, please feel free contact us or send a contact request form and we’ll research your HOA

    Where do I get my mail? If your house has a mailbox, please contact the local post office and make sure they know you are living in the property. If you do not have a mailbox in front of your house and you get mail at a central neighborhood mailbox, please take a copy of your lease to the local post office and request a box and key to get your mail.

  • When is rent due? All rent is due on the 1st and late the 3rd. We have made it easy for all of our tenants to stay current on their leases by using the safe and secure online system.
  • If I have a maintenance request, where do I go? All maintenance requests can be made online at: www.stressfreeonline.com/maintenance. All maintenance requests will be handled within 7 business days.
  • Can I try to repair the problem myself? We encourage all tenants to have one of our professionals handle any repairs needed. If a tenant tries to repair an issue and makes the problem worse, the tenant will be charged for the extra amount.
  • What is the best phone number to contact someone at? We are a fast moving company that uses technology to our advantage. For the quickest response, please email: info@stressfreeonline.com - If you would like to call the main number, please call 713-264-8240
  • My AC is stopped working. Can I call an AC company to fix it? You may call an AC company, HOWEVER, you will have to take care of the bill on your own. Stress Free Property Solutions has it's own maintenance staff that can fix your AC. Please be patient with us and we'll get to your AC as soon as we can.
  • I received an HOA violation. What can I do? If you received an HOA violation you must comply with the terms and conditions of the HOA. If our company had to send you the violation, you will be charged a processing fee. If you need assistance in knowing the terms and conditions of your HOA, please call them directly.